About SUGI

Established in 2011, we are education specialists that are able to offer a wide range of on-line courses from General or Business English through to IELTS and beyond.  Each course is structured to meet the learning needs of the student and, by using Learning Analytics, we can review our courses and student pass rates periodically in order to improve our courses with each cohort.

A brief history our a main developments is below (or you can view our historical news posts)

In 2013, we began to expand our English Consulting business to include corporate clients and can offer a range of bespoke blended courses or Cambridge University CELA courses.

2014 was a great year as we partnered with the Beijing University of Agriculture to promote our bespoke IELTS programme into their International Centre’s Foundation course and we developed a customized IELTS Learning environment that includes Social Learning, Learning Analytics and support from our IELTS Specialists.

Towards the end of 2015 we began developing the SUGI IELTS Speaking App that has been available from the Apple App Store since February 2016.  We are currently looking to update this with a new interface and integration with our new on-line offerings.

In 2016, we developed the SUGI Academy.  An on-line learning system that both our business customers and university students have used that will have Business English as well as a full range of IELTS courses.  Due to the success of this program we have introduced a NEW site: EDUZMS.com.  This site is dedicated to students, primarily from China, who wish to learn IELTS on-line with us.  We are still maintaining our SUGI Academy, but it will focus on General English and our Corporate customers.

Our next project for 2019, is to develop further the EDUZMS site.  There will be an on-line resource centre where students can learn from different universities around China and the rest of the world.  Part of the OER (Open Education Resources) movement, we hope to offer FREE (or sometimes very cheap) access to a huge variety of on-Line only, university certified courses that can boost your employment potential, or even just keep your brain working!!

We believe that trade between China and the rest of the world has, is and will continue to grow into the foreseeable future and our experienced team will be there on the edge.

Some of our previous/existing customers are:

Business English Consulting


Macquarie Metallurgy and Engineering

Chaoyang District Administration Bureau (Civil Service)

Daimler Benz


Carl Druisburg

Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv


Beijing New Talent Academy – IELTS Programme and student placement at UK Universities

Beijing University of Agriculture – IELTS Programme

HDC Education/Beijing University – IELTS Speaking programme

Beijing JiaoTong University – Spoken English/IELTS Programme